About Us

Our goal here in New York not to impress people with our website but to be practical; that is to have our clients see and experience our work. I believe that is the only way to build an Honourable and true reputation that will last for years to come. We know we can guarantee our work for many years because our method of work and materials have already been field tested and proven by withstanding environments (freeze/thaw cycles, heat, and cold) that are far more harsher than those of the New York.

 As much as practical, we always aim to use the highest quality of materials etc. available in today’s market. We are now one year short of 60 years “young”. We have found that this line of work is like beautiful women; if the work is not supervised by experienced personnel then for the 1st half year or so it may appear seductive and beautiful on the outside but when it is put under the test by going through the first winter (freeze-thaw cycle, etc.) it can start appearing like a 90-year-old grandmother. So you, as our potential customer, when choosing your contractor, should always keep these things in mind. In this line of work usually, you get what you pay for. Don’t short-change yourself by hiring an inexperienced company; for a few hundred pounds it’s not worth it.

 You, as our customer, have various designs, methods, and colors to choose from; we will do our best in explaining the pros and cons of each. Upon our visit to the work site, we will provide more information as to colors, etc.

As one of the leading driveway specialists in the world, our aim and focus are to constantly improve our levels of quality, workmanship and customer service.  Our aim is to provide you, the customer, our goods and services in such a way that you and your acquaintances will consider us as the natural choice when it comes to all your flat concrete work needs, whether it be colored/design or just plain finished concrete; residential or commercial.

Our commitment to you:

  • All work will have quality control and direct supervision of the same
  • We will do our best in guiding you even if its, not to our best financial interest
  • We will try and remain within your budget by giving you the design that fits your budget
  • We will do our best when it comes to workmanship and materials
  • We will try and work within your time limits.  
  • We can provide you with peace of mind with our “2 Year or more Work & Material Guarantee