Raise Your Voice

It is Time

December 29, 2014

Reproductive rights have been easy targets for conservatives and the religious right because, face it, in the U.S. sex is a bit of a taboo subject. No one wants to admit to “doing it,” so how on earth can we stand up and say we want access to abortion? Doesn’t matter that many women have died (and still die) as a result of poorly performed procedures when abortion was illegal. Doesn’t matter that some abortions happen due to serious fetal anomaly. Doesn’t matter that it’s none of their business.

It is time to raise our voices and take back the conversation.

Raising your voice can take whatever form works for you. You can share memes on Facebook or Instagram or Tumblr. Post witty comments on Twitter. Write letters to the editor (on our “I am the Voice of Choice” letterhead). Write to your U.S. or state congressperson, or your county commissioner or mayor. Attend school board meetings.

Protest in front of your local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Hand out flyers letting people know what they’re up to.

Support your local Planned Parenthood or women’s health clinic—send ’em flowers or bring cookies (I recommend Girl Scout cookies, because you’re supporting two great organizations at once!). If you do bring cookies or snacks, it’s probably best to go with packaged items, unless they know you….

We’re working on templates and “letter starters” for you to use, and will also be including memes for you to share here and on our Facebook page.

And share back with us so we can pass ’em along and get more ideas!

Our first campaign: Mitch McConnell

We know, we know—Mitch McConnell? However, one of our goals is to flood lawmakers with letters in the hope that they’ll see that they can’t just steamroll over our rights. Let Mitch know that the women of this country want to see their reproductive rights protected, not restricted, by sending him a letter outlining your support.

Download the letter and use it as-is, or as a starting point for your own statement.

This is just the beginning… more to follow!

40 Days of Support

February 17, 2014
It’s that time of year again—the annual 40 Days of Harassment will begin on Wednesday, February 18, as the anti-choice crowd once again expands to include groups of Christians praying outside clinics.
In response, we’d like to encourage you to raise your voice and support your local women’s health clinic.
You can go to the 40 Days website to find out where the action will be, but you have to register to get the info, so be aware. If you don’t want to do that, show your support for your local clinic—whether or not it’s being harassed—in other ways…
  • Counter protest using supportive messages.
  • Send flowers to the clinic employees.
  • Deliver cookies—we recommend store-bought, simply because if they don’t know you, they could be suspicious. Girl Scout cookies are terrific, because everyone loves them, and the anti-choice crowd thinks the Girl Scouts are terrible, too, so you support two great organizations at once!
  • Send cards and letters thanking the clinic for their work in the community.

Share your experiences and ideas here, so we can pass them along. Thanks, and have fun!